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Welcome To Zouk OC

Join our vibrant Zouk community for the ultimate partner dance experience with expert instruction and a welcoming atmosphere!

The Best Place To Begin Your Dance Journey

Start With Our Signature Introductory Course:
Zouk From Zero

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Level 1 - Zouk from Zero A.png
Drop-in Classes Every Tuesday!

💚🧡 Join us for this 4-week progressive drop-in series that is designed for beginners to learn Brazilian Zouk fundamentals and build your dance vocabulary fast! The classes are progressive, so it is best to join the entire program, but you can still start any week!  👉 Come ready to learn and don't be shy to ask any questions during class! We have teachers dancing in rotation with every student to ensure individual attention & feedback. Stay for the social to get some practice in with the rest of the class and other dancers in the community! 🤗 8 PM | Zouk From Zero Class 9 PM | Open Level Zouk Class 10 PM | Social Dancing 💲Two Classes and Social: $15 At The Door When completing all level 1 classes (8 weeks total of Zouk From Zero - Open Holds + Zouk From Zero - Close Holds), you will be eligible to join our level 2 progressive series! Areas of focus will include: ✅ Timing - feel the beat! ✅ Must-know footwork that will set you up for social dance success ✅ Connection for learning the best tips on how to lead and follow any social dance ✅ Level up your quality of movement ✅ Build a strong foundation from your first steps ✅ Personal feedback to get that Zouk feeling ….. and more fun stuff! 💪 The level of details that you will learn in this class is sure to keep you engaged and learning something new! That’s how we are able to give our students a solid foundation from their first class! Join us for this progressive drop-in series to learn the technique properly from the start for a smooth and fun social dance experience! 🙌 **This class series is a total of 4 hours + option for an additional 4 hours of Open Level Zouk class. Each week 2 hours of class + social after is included with $15 cover. ⏰Please come early to prepare for class, change your shoes, etc. as we will start on time. ***Please note: You can book this class online to instantly gain access to amazing benefits such as beginner resources, our online community, ability to track your classes, and more. However, there will be a payment of $15 at the door for attending classes and you will not receive access to class recaps until checking in at class.


📍The Circle OC

8901 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA

Gain Instant Access To These Benefits When Booking Your First Class!

Everything you need to learn Zouk from ZERO and connect with our community!

Zouk From Zero


Get access to your class recaps and Zouk OC's exclusive online community to stay connected! Earn eligibility to advance into our Level 2 classes!

Exclusive Zouk OC Group

New to Zouk Resources & Materials

Ability to Progress Into Level 2 Classes

Access to Class Recaps

Ready to Get Started With Zouk OC?

Sign up below to gain access to our community and benefits immediately! 

Zouk From Zero


Upcoming Schedule

How To Join & Receive Benefits:

  1. Sign up for the Zouk From Zero plan above!

  2. Book your Zouk From Zero class! No payment necessary, but you will gain access to amazing benefits for free (be sure to check your email)!

  3. Attend your upcoming Zouk From Zero class & check-in with your Zouk teacher to get access to your class recaps!

    • $15 Payment @ The Door. Please ask the staff for your wristband to take the Zouk class.

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What Our Zouk From Zero Students Say

Cristina D.

"Zouk OC is amazing! Had an awesome time in this series! As someone new to zouk, The teacher did a great job of explaining the concepts and giving individualized feedback. I appreciate the intentional warmups and how they prepare us for what we’re learning that day. Also love the recap videos to cement my learning. Excited to take more classes in the future!"

Joe L.

"I really appreciate that Christina goes into the details of movement and lead-follow technique much more than typical beginner classes. Her individual feedback in every lesson is also very helpful. Christina really cares about helping her students improve and get good."

Keya B.

Great teacher!! I am always amazed how much I learn each class. And I REALLY appreciate the individual feedback. Its real time learning that is needed when you are learning something new. (instead of just leaning bad habits)"

Still not convinced? See more testimonials HERE.

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