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About Brazilian Zouk OC

In 2021, Brazilian Zouk OC was officially established with the intention of rebuilding the Orange County Brazilian Zouk community by providing affordable and high quality classes and events. 

Since then, the Brazilian Zouk community in Orange County is THRIVING!​


Our Mission

We strive to create an inclusive Brazilian Zouk community in Orange County to grow confidence in dancers of all levels by providing a positive environment and quality instruction.

Meet Your Zouk Instructors

Our Background

Christina first met Stephany in 2014 while attending her very first Zouk party. The community was so small, the parties only had approximately 10-15 people! They both had a passion for the dance and a mission to grow the Zouk community and share the dance they love with the world.

After years of individual training and community building, Christina and Stephany began teaching and hosting events together in 2017. They share similar ideas and logic about the dance through an understanding of similar concepts and methods of teaching. Their classes are known for having a fun and inclusive atmosphere as well as their attention to detail. 

Since then, they have worked towards a vision of not only sharing their knowledge and passion for Zouk, but to also cultivate a positive and inclusive community that feels like family. Christina and Stephany want their community to experience the same joy and attraction that they felt at their first Zouk party, but with Zouk parties that are full with a loving and growing community!

Christina Montoya

Founder, Instructor

“I wish everyone could understand the positive opportunities dance can bring. Dance gave me the ability to change my life and brought out the best in me. I invested in myself through dance because it felt good, and I am dedicated to bringing that same positive experience to others on their dance journey.”

Christina Montoya is an international Brazilian Zouk instructor based out of Orange County, CA. Dancing has always been a part of her life but she did not begin any training until she was 12 years old. Her passion for dance at a young age lead her to experiment in different styles beginning with Hip-hop, Jazz, Competitive Cheerleading, and Tahitian prior to training in Latin styles like Salsa and Bachata. She has trained and performed in partner dancing since the age of 18 with various companies in Los Angeles.   Once Christina found Brazilian Zouk she dedicated her life to this dance. She began her training with Igor Fraga who partnered her to compete at the US Zouk Open in 2015 where they received 1st place in the Semi-Pro division. Since then, she has trained with many international artists and sought to deepen her knowledge through taking several Brazilian Zouk Teachers Courses and trainings throughout the world. She opened up Brazilian Zouk OC in 2021 with the desire to re-build and grow her local Zouk community after COVID. Christina helps in developing communities not just locally, but all over North America and travels internationally to teach at some of the world’s biggest congresses and events. She currently competes in the BZDC Jack & Jill All-star division and judges at events regularly. Christina has taught Brazilian Zouk for 8 years all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Asia. Along with her partner Alisson Sandi, Christina also holds the 1st place title for the "Mixed Latin Cabaret Couples Division" from the World Salsa Solo in 2018 where their Zouk show received the highest scores for the overall competition.  Christina is known for her franchise teams, "Zouk Babes" established in 2017, which emphasize the importance of follower's technique. Zouk Babes currently has 8 teams and performers throughout the US and internationally with at least 80 current members. Zouk Babes was created with the intention to unite and empower followers through dance performances and training technique.  Christina's goal is to spread her passion for Zouk to the dancer inside everyone.

Stephany Estrin


Stephany is an accomplished instructor with extensive experience teaching various styles! 



Stephany started her dance career as a professional belly dancer (taught, traveled, performed, and competed). She has won many awards while competing including being crowned, "Belly Dance Queen” and has performed in many shows and professional music videos. Stephany started partner dancing with Salsa and Bachata, but fell in love with Brazilian Zouk & Kizomba around 2012. She has taught and judged many zouk jack and Jill competitions both nationally and internationally.  Stephany has played a huge role in both starting and developing the LA Zouk and Kizomba Scene. Recently she has dedicated a lot of her time and effort to grow the Urban-Kiz/ Kizomba scene and she has more than doubled the growing community!  Stephany continues to have monthly socials and weekly classes for Kizomba and we are excited to have her knowledge and experience a part of the Brazilian Zouk OC Instructor team!

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