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* Intro to Head Movement and Head Movement Basics will be offered as a weekend boot camp

** Level 3 Variation courses will occasionally be mixed with a “Topic” based course. Special topic courses may include Musicality, Trending Moves & Patterns, Choreography, Jack & Jill Training, etc. We welcome students to suggest special topics/ themes for new courses!

Progressive Levels


Level 1 : Intro

This level is the perfect introduction to understanding the body mechanics and structure of Brazilian Zouk! The details and concepts learned in this level are crucial for building a strong foundation to your dance and having the ability to smoothly continue your progression with confidence!


Areas of focus will include:

✅ Timing - feel the beat!

✅ Must-know footwork that will set you up for social dance success

✅ Connection for learning the best tips on how to lead and follow any social dance

✅ Level up your quality of movement

✅ Build a strong foundation from your first steps

✅ Personal feedback to get that Zouk feeling

… & more fun stuff!


Level 2 : Fundamentals

Once you have completed the Intro level, you are ready to further develop your Zouk body and expand your movement vocabulary! Dissect essential Zouk concepts and discover a deep and thorough understanding of  various fundamentals that will level up your social dance!


Areas of focus will include: 

✅ Attain knowledge of fundamental footwork and body mechanics for a smooth dance 

✅ Discover how to maintain a comfortable and effective connection with your partner  

✅ Explore dancing in sync with your partner and the rhythm of the music

✅ Develop muscle memory and improve posture/ alignment for efficiency in balance and control 

✅ Personal guidance and feedback from instructors to excel your growth

… & more fun stuff!


Level 3 : Variations

After passing Level 2, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Challenge yourself to discover more creative and fluid movements by adding complex variations to your Brazilian Zouk fundamentals. Take your dancing to the next level and explore your abilities to do advanced footwork patterns for a versatile dance with refined techniques and style. 

Areas of focus will include:

 ✅ Master your fundamentals with new techniques and variations 

✅ Unlock more possibilities to gain creativity in your dance

✅ Adaptability and Versatility 

✅ Subtle Dynamic Changes 

✅ Personal guidance and feedback from instructors 

… & more fun stuff!

Commit to Your Progress.

Elevate Your Zouk Skills. 

Unlock Your Potential.

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