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New To Zouk OC, But Not To Dancing Zouk?

If you have had previous Zouk experience and would like to test into a level that you have not met the pre-requisites for, please submit your petition to level up.

The pre-requisites for Level 2 classes are all Level 1 classes. The pre-requisites for Level 3 classes are all Level 2 classes. If you have not done the pre-requisite classes yet, you will need to submit a petition to join and be approved of joining that level.


As a standard procedure for those who would like to request to join a class they have not leveled or tested into yet, Please send a video of you social dancing or training Zouk (can also be practice or private lesson where you can see the body from head to toe). Submit your link by Google Drive link or WeTransfer link - be sure that the link is public and available to view by anyone. This is essential as the classes even from our intro level are quite in depth and thorough in developing lead/follow skills and solid Brazilian Zouk fundamental technique that we progress on in the developing levels. 


If you do not have a video, other things I can take into consideration are:

  1. When did you start dancing Zouk?

  2. How often have you taken classes and with whom?

  3. How often have you gone social dancing?

  4. Can you name/describe the movements you have learned in a class setting including fundamental basics and body/ head movements?

Please let us know more information about your dance and we can move forward from there! I am excited to have you joining class soon! Thank you!

Submit Your Petition Below


Thanks for submitting!

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